Bivouac Luxury Camp

Best Bivouac Merzouga Desert

are you looking to have a wonderful and unforgettable night in the desert and enjoying your amazing time to have a delicious food of our tradition and have fun with music tradition such as drums and Gnaoua music, if it is yes, well it’s your place, we are special in that, we have been working since 2005 and we have long experience, join with us and we will prepare your journey to the desert, we have special offers, and all them for your needs and requirement, we can organize any things you want in the desert, such as to have 1 night or 2 night or more nights in the desert and you will have amazing activities such as to ride a camel and to enjoying to see the sunset and sunrise, moreover you will enjoy to have sandboarding or to have yoga any things you want we will offer it for you and of course with the best price and good value, in conclusion, our teams working and doing all the effort to make your journey very amazing and special.

bivouac merzouga desert
bivouac merzouga desert
our bivouac is very decorated and very clean have shower and toilet inside, and have some tradition decoration
bivouac merzouga desert
enjoying your time to have an amazing scenery above the dunes, enjoying with us to take an amazing picture of sunset also enjoying your time of sandboarding
bivouac merzouga desert
Start riding a camel in our hotel, and riding your camel about 1h walking inside the dunes and have while you will have the opportunity to enjoy your time to see the wonderful scenery
bivouac merzouga desert
made a fire and having an amazing time and enjoying listening to the music of our tradition and discussion about our culture and know more things

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Frequently Asked Questions

of course you can , and about the price is different and depenands about the total of person ,4×4 car takes 6 persone

it takes 1 h by camel ,and takes 10 minute by 4×4

you can leave your car in our hotel with free parking and security for your car

you will have room to change your clothes and to set your package, or you can site in our swimming pool and have relaxing with cup of mint tea

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