Culture Of Morocco


The main Berber and Arab cultures of Morocco are complemented by elements of French, Roman, Jewish, Spanish, and other traditions as well – an eclectic mix! A truly cosmopolitan culture, traveling within Morocco’s borders is like a journey around the entire Mediterranean Basin and far beyond.


The main Moroccan dish most people are familiar with is couscous; beef is the most commonly eaten red meat in Morocco, genarly eaten in a tagine with a wide selection of vegetables. Chicken is also very commonly used in tagines or grilled . They also use additional ingredients such as plums, boiled eggs, and lemon.and alt of things 🙂

Moroccan Mint Tea

Moroccan mint tea, also known as Moroccan mint tea, is a green tea prepared with spearmint leaves and sugar, traditional to the major morocco region. It has since spread throughout North Africa, parts of the Sahel, France also the Arab world.

 Berber Tagine:

 Berber tagine with meat and vegetables. It’s arranged in conical fashion and left undisturbed to cook until tender, making a delicious, beautiful presentation. Tagines are traditionally eaten directly from the cooking vessel, using pieces of Moroccan bread (khobz) to scoop up meat, veggies, and sauce.

Morocco Desert Culture


Museums Paintings

Jewelry in Kabyle, Morocco (ayt khbach)
Berber hand decoration (alhanna)
Detail of a traditional Berber carpet
Ancient Tifinagh scripts in Morocco
Moroccan Berber calendar
Berber village in the High Atlas mountains of Morocco
An old Amazigh room in Morocco
Berber village in the Atlas mountains
Old fortress at Calatrava la Vieja. The site was used during the Muslim period from about 785 until the fall of the Caliphate of Cordova.
Sanhaja Berber women in the 1970s
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